Bravest Soul

from by Awake At Dawn



Bravest Soul

And there they are
They just want their control of this
But they don’t understand what this really is
You can’t touch it, you can’t take it
It won’t change or stay the same
A searing light,
So bright, fit to blind a king.
Did a god place this on my hands,
from their greedy paws…
...I may blunder through this, or freeze in a cold lake.
Alone again, I became a sin of some form of grace
And so they say, I’m a lie.
I cannot weigh this on my own.
It came from a…
Far light, (fading),
Fading, it remains
Oh I pray you…save it for, save it for the night.
Save it for the brightest star in this violent rain
It’s kinda like you breathe, I’m high, my head’s unstable.
try but I’m unable…blind me.
Oh, you call out my bravest…
My Bravest soul, bravest soul

Copyright © 2009 Rob Chambers/Cameron Hooker/Awake At Dawn


from A Seeing Through, released December 4, 2009



all rights reserved


Awake At Dawn Austin, Texas

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